About Us

PARKES READY MIXED CONCRETE is an independent business that manufactures and delivers ready-mixed concrete. It operates a fully computerised batch plant to ensure precise weigh-batching of ingredients.

Owner and operated by Bernard McCabe. The business was started in 1989 and is still going strong today, employing over 6 staff and growing.

At PRMC we work with Grace Concrete Admixture. In construction, concrete is the foundation of many major projects. Therefore, it is imperative that concrete used in construction be strong, crack resistant and workable. Admixtures are used to improve or change specific properties in concrete and improve the quality of concrete construction projects. Grace’s concrete admixtures do more than just improve the strength of the concrete; they also can be used to add color or texture to the concrete for decorative purposes. Grace has an extensive portfolio of concrete admixtures to ensure that all criteria are met and the finished product meet the requirements of the contractor, architect and building/project owner.